Pestie or Bestie

 Your challenge is to choose an irritating insect that you have come across in your everyday life, whether outdoors or in your home, and investigate their positive contribution to the local environment that encourages you look a little more kindly on them in future. Present your findings and opinions regarding this pest either in a short video, in a poster or any other method you think appropriate and fun.

Some of you might already have had an irritating insect pest spring to mind, others might need a little inspiration.

I have had many an awkward encounter with insects over the years from the wasp that stung me as it tried to fly into my ear, to the moths that eat away at my clothes; the mosquitos that like to feast on my ankles to the fly that just won’t stop buzzing around my room; the aphids that feast on my herb garden to the ants that I did not realise had taken up residence on my bourbon biscuit until after I had taken a bite.

Once you have chosen your “Pest” you need to look deeper, beyond its obvious annoying behaviour. Think about what role it plays in the ecosystem:

  • Does it feed on plants or animals that could otherwise breed out of control?
  • Does it provide a key food source for other animals?
  • Is it a decomposer, helping the breakdown of organic materials?
  • Does its behaviour perform a useful or even vital task in the environment, allowing other organisms to survive and complete their life cycles?
  • What would happen if it just suddenly disappeared?


Share your finds

Once you have gathered and presented your findings share them with us @morethanadodo


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