Design your own insect

Have you ever wondered why there are so many insects in the world?  Insects have been on this planet for really long time, since before the dinosaurs, and they are masters of adaption.  They have developed all sorts of ingenious ways to help them survive in different habitats from tropical rainforests to the Arctic, from grasslands to fresh water. 

Your challenge is to take inspiration from the insect world and design your own insect, perfectly adapted to its environment! 



Be Creative!

Be as creative as you like but remember to include these essential insect characteristics –

  • 6 legs
  • Three body parts – head, thorax and abdomen
  • A pair of antennae
  • An exoskeleton
  • One or two pairs of wings (unless your insect is wingless, of course!)


How will you make your design?

You can use anything you choose to create your design!  You might want to:

  • draw or paint your insect
  • make a 3D model using Lego, junk or even food
  • create your insect on screen using Minecraft or Paint. 

Getting Started

To help you get started, you might want to think about the questions below or watch this video to find out about some amazing ways in which British insects are adapted to their habitat:


Where does your insect live?  

This is a crucial decision! It could be one of the many different natural habitats around the world but you may want to design an insect adapted to live in a more urban environment…   or even in space!

How does it move?

What would be the best way for your insect to get around?  Maybe they have a new way of moving that the insect world – or the animal world – hasn't seen before!          

How will it protect itself from predators? 

Mimicry, camouflage, toxic chemicals and weapons of destruction are all possibilities from the insect world but you may think of a different way that your insect protects itself from predators!                                                                                                                

What does your insect eat?

Your new insect could be adapted to eat anything available in its environment.  It may be something that some real insects already eat or it may be something completely new. Robot insects eating microchips?        

Share your finds!   

We can’t wait to see your designs!  Make a video or take a photo of your design telling us how your insect is adapted to its environment and share them with us on social media @morethanadodo


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